Trail Reports

Put the Mulleyville Pre-Season Snowmobile Party on your calendar!

It is that time of year again! For all of us crazy winter lovers our pre-season party is set for December 5th (see flyer).  All winter enthusiasts are welcome! We are looking forward to seeing all of our snowmobile friends!


Fall Party Flyer 2015


Also, keep an eye out for and trail maintenance dates.  Best to my knowledge we are looking pretty good for the trails, but will need to get some poles in place for snow fence (yes, there will be logging up Ormsbee Rd again this year) before the deep frost hits (I learned last year it SUCKS doing it when the ground is already frozen).  S81 has a bridge out but we are being kept in the loop by both the lumber co and John Mercier and it looks as if it will be repaired in time for the season.

We will have the same groomer space on Wells Rd this year with a BIG THANK YOU to the folks at Pompa Bros. for the permission.  That said, the ONLY trucks and trailers on the groomer landing are Groomers and approved friends of Pompa Bros. all others will be towed.


Good Bye Summer!

I am so excited to post something about snowmobiling!!!  The end of August is here and like most snowmobiling enthusiasts thoughts of snow and flat trails pop in the mind.   With that in mind, if you’ve been to your camp or run your quad up on the mountain give us some feedback on any trouble areas we need to clean up.  Ken has not heard back if there is any logging going on, but I think we’ll have most of our inner trails back…Of course I may be speaking too soon.

A few things that happened over the summer will make our riding experience a whole lot better.  We now have approval from the Town of Providence to create a trail up the side of Fox Hill Rd to Lake Desolation (Edinburg and Greenfield were always on board).  Also, we were given an opportunity to add an additional 3.5 miles where the State is phasing in a camping/fishing area up on Fox Hill Rd.  In the State’s wisdom…if they are ‘giving’ us 3.5 miles, they would take another 3.5 mile away from us, which would have meant LOSING ALL of 81 from Sacandaga trailhead to Fox Hill Rd. That was a deal breaker!  The trail we were going to lose hurt the continuity of the entire  system, plus it REALLY complicated grooming.  The trail will be there but Sacandaga will be taking care of it.  So traffic to Tinney’s will be direct for folks coming from Sacandaga which should leave our inner trails in decent shape. Oh, and there will be NEW PARKING at this new site and on both sides of the road!

Joe posted our meeting schedule on the website today (1st one is in October).  Our webcam at Tinney’s is still down (Kevin Joyce and I have done as much as we can), Steve is going to try and take a look at it soon but his schedule has been full this summer.  Keep an eye out for upcoming information for work groups as Ken gets a better idea of what needs to be done.  Think SNOW!

TRAILS CLOSED!! THANK YOU for another great season

There is still a deep snow pack in the higher elevations but there is a lot of dirt and mud after this rain and warm temps. With that said, the Mulleyville trails are CLOSED. I have been notified by Prentis & Carlisle that they will close the gates and install mud locks. Gates will begin getting closed today on Spruce, Wells, Ormsbee and CR10 access.  This is at the direction of our major land owner and we must do as they ask.

As we begin spring and the snowmobile season soon fades away, I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU.

This past season started off rough but we quickly changed that path. It reminds me of one of many mottos I learned during my time in the Marines. The motto of “Marines adapt and overcome” applies to this past season for sure. As the trail coordinator, my job focuses on the trails. The club was faced with some obstacles at the beginning of the season that felt overwhelming on top of the massive amount of work it takes run this club. These obstacles could not have been accomplished without the help of a solid team. We had so many new volunteers this year and it made quite a difference.

There are so many people to thank for the success of this club. First off all, thank you to all of our members who came out to do trail work whether is was creating new trails, bypass trails, new bridge, signs, snow fencing, tree clearing, brushing, groomer maintenance, groomer repair and the list can go on and on.   All of this could not have happened without your help.

Thank you to our grooming team for doing an amazing job. We had some expensive repairs to do this season. The machines promptly got fixed and were back on the trail getting it done. I am not sure of how many hours we logged but it was a lot. We took on some new operators, which eased the load on the rest of us. Thank you guys for keeping our trails smooth.

We have some amazing land owners, and their generosity allowed us to make critical connections with our trails this year. We can’t thank you guys enough…you know who you are.

Thank you to my close friends at the DEC who spent a lot of time on our trails this year keeping them safe.

Thank you to our friends at Tinney’s! You guys provided delicious food all season and everyone raved about it. Also, hosting our meetings there has been a success with many new faces. Those same people ended of being the new faces helping us out too and for that we thank you.

I have some projects lined up this summer for trail work and I will update when some work parties will be. Hopefully we will not have to contend with as much closures due to logging next year.

We were blessed with snow this season after a bleak beginning and when the snow came, so did the riders. I talked with so many new people on the trail and to hear the compliments is rewarding for all the hard work that goes into the club.

As a reminder, the Mulleyville snowmobile trails are for snowmobiles only during the time the trails are open. Being a member of the Mulleyville Snowmobile Club DOES NOT allow you to access the trails in any way when the trails are closed. THE LAND IS PRIVATE and you will be trespassing.

Thank you again for a great year.


Trails Coordinator

SNOWMOBILE SEASON Appreciation Night at TINNEY’s TAVERN March 28th!

The ownership and team from Tinney’s Tavern would like to welcome everyone who enjoyed the winter festivities to an end of season party Saturday March 28th! All club members from our neighbors in Charlton, the crew from Galway! How about our friends from Sacandaga? All are welcome to enjoy the night!


The party will start at 5pm!  There will be a FREE keg on tap!  Band will start at 7pm!  Assorted food and food specials and other drink specials!  There will be a 50/50 with proceeds split between clubs attending.


We look forward to a great night as the season winds down!


REMINDER: Mulleyville “BONFIRE on Lake Desolation!” This Saturday!

Come join us on Lake Desolation for a BONFIRE!  Tinney’s Tavern will have food and drinks…With a Band in the evening!