Trail Reports

REMINDER: Mulleyville “BONFIRE on Lake Desolation!” This Saturday!

Come join us on Lake Desolation for a BONFIRE!  Tinney’s Tavern will have food and drinks…With a Band in the evening!



Grooming will officially start after this next snow fall

The groomer team had one machine (North end) out for a short run last night.  Normal grooming will begin after this next snow fall.

Let’s all hope we get closer to the 5″ than 3″ side so the groomer can get some work done!


Think Snow!

Closed Trails for 2015 – Click for Maps

Just a reminder about which trails are closed and how to get to Lake Desolation.  When coming from Sacandage on C8, at SR06 take the left towards the firetower side of the mountain on S86.  At SR05 take the right on C8 towards the old ski hill trail, however you must now take S87 at SR25 because C8 to the ski hill is CLOSED (KEEP OUT!!!).  This will then bring you C8A (and it’s the only place it will bring you as all other trails are CLOSED this year due to logging, KEEP OUT!!!).

Also be reminded that ALL access to Ormsbee road is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.  Do no try and enter from there or you could be ticketed for trespassing.  The same is true for the Ski Hill Section of C8.  KEEP OUT!!!

Stay off ALL plowed roads.  If you are on a plowed road, you are on a CLOSED trail.  These areas are being monitors with cameras and DEC will issue tickets based on camera footage!  KEEP OUT!!!

Your cooperation with closures ensures we will keep our trails open.  If people are ignoring them the entire system is in danger of closing this year.  The logging company owns the land and we must do what they say.  If you can’t abide, please stay home.

map2015 closures with blowup1    map2015 closures






Let’s all think SNOW for tonight!

Well let’s all start thinking BIG SNOW thoughts for tonight and tomorrows event!  If we get close to what they are predicting we will be sitting pretty with the trails.  With the cold staying in place we will have a solid base for this snow to snuggle up with.  The groomers will be ready to go.

It’s been another frustrating start to the year, but if it ends like last year we should all be able to get some miles on.

As we open the trails please follow the by-pass trails and the re-route.  Please abide by the snow fence we have put up, we have trails closed due to logging.  If you get caught riding on Ormsbee Rd they (Lyme Lumber) could close us down until they are done logging.  That would suck to say the least.




I have received many reports from people riding that range from good to horrible. I went out yesterday for a quick analysis of the trails and was pleasantly surprised. Those of you, who know me, know I am an optimist when it comes to snowmobiling…. I am happy to be on my sled in any amount of snow. With that said, the trails do have snow and they are ridable. The rain did not have too much impact aside from creating a hard packed base. The snow conditions range from ice to hard pack with a little snow for lube on top. The trails have many hazards including exposed rocks, exposed water bars, stumps…etc. The new trail and bypass trails are in rough shape since the initial ice base was excavated during trail work.

The trails are now open but the use of CAUTION is first and foremost for your safety.

We have not run our groomers yet and will not run them until we receive more snow. Most all of the trees have been cleared but carry a handsaw or clippers to trim anything that may be hanging into the trail.

STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS AND DO NOT GO AROUND THE SNOW FENCE. DEC and Lyme Timberlands will collect pictures from game cams of people trespassing on logging operations and closed trails. You will receive a trespassing citation if in violation.

Please support Tinney’s if you are out on the trails….the food is amazing.