Trail Reports

Season Kick-Off Party Tomorrow Dec 6th

Tomorrow is the Kick-Off Party at Tinney’s Tavern!

All local clubs, snow enthusiasts are welcome to attend. Party starts AT 4PM, Band starts at 7pm, 50/50 and other business sponsor giveaways! All free, with a cash bar.

Here is an idea of the buffet items that Tinney’s is putting out for us (Thank you Tinney’s Team!):

-Pulled pork sliders/ BBQ Chicken sliders
-Baked ziti
-Swedish meatballs
-Flat bread pizzas
-Toss salad assorted dressing
-Potato salad

Mulleyville 2014-2015 Season Prep

We are all getting excited for a great winter of riding! Just a reminder that trails are CLOSED until Dec 15th when hunting season ends. Please respect our land/lease owners by staying off the trails (regardless of any potential snow covering) until the season starts.

We are putting a work-weekend together right after hunting season to do a re-route near our property to solve loosing access to Ormsbee Rd. and the logging that will be taking place. So the more folks that can come out and help it should take only a weekend to get the re-route in place.

We are actively looking for folks to help with the grooming chores. So if anyone with some mechanical knowledge, we would like to talk with you. Our goal is to have more groomers doing less work, not the other way around. Contact any club officer, or come to our next meeting Dec. 4th at Tinney’s (7:30pm).

Due to popular demand….New Meeting Schedule

v Nov 6th  Tinney’s Tavern @ Lake Desolation (7:30 PM)
v Dec 4th  Tinney’s Tavern @ Lake Desolation  (7:30 PM)
v Jan 8th  Tinney’s Tavern @ Lake Desolation  (7:30 PM)
v Feb 5th  Tinney’s Tavern @ Lake Desolation  (7:30 PM)
v Mar 5th  Tinney’s Tavern @ Lake Desolation  (7:30 PM)
v Apr 2nd  Tinney’s Tavern @ Lake Desolation  (7:30 PM)


Everyone agreed that Tinney’s is the place to be…….

Trails Closing 4/1/14 – The end of a great season

Trails will close today and all gates will be closed by tomorrow. April 1st closing for the first time in many years. It was a great season once it got started in early February. Over 300 hours of grooming on our 48 miles of trails this year. Huge thanks go out to our dedicated (and exhausted) grooming team. You work as greatly appreciated by everyone out there.

We had a pretty good season for memberships as well. If you know anyone out there that is a member of another club that would like to show some appreciation the best way to do that is to join our club as a secondary membership though the NYSSA membership site. It’s $20 for a second membership and the money goes directly back in to the trails and groomer maintenance.

The off season starts now for our limited volunteer group. We really need new people to get involved. We have 1 open At Large Board of Directors seat and lots of work to do this summer. Our Barn will be going up this summer and we’ll need help and donated materials for that as well. Please email of contact the club per the website to get involved. Our last meeting will be Tuesday April, 8th at the Greenfield Community Center at 7:30.

See you next year!

3/24/14 – Trails Very Good Still

Conditions held up very well through the weekend and trails were all groomed Sunday Morning.  There is full coverage on 99% of the system and we have overall great conditions.  Winter will hold on through thursday, then the weatherman says that Spring will be here on Friday.  This week will be your last chance at riding good conditions so go get that last ride in.

There is an open water hole on plank road (C8A) that you need to be very careful of and the logging section of the Sacadaga Trail is down to mud in many places but other than that we still have mid winter conditions.

Both of our Groomers are down again and we ran out of diesel so more than likely we are done grooming this year but conditions probably won’t allow us to groom this coming weekend anyway.  It’s been a great winter (minus January) and our groomer operators have put in amazing amounts of time for you guys so everyone join me in thanking them again.